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The football pools is a popular game that has been played in the UK for about 100 years.

With the goal of the game being to correctly predict the results of a set of predetermined football games that will be played the coming week, and win prize money that could be potentially many thousands of pounds in value.

Understanding how to play football pools is easy, here a a few quick pointers about the rules and what to do to get the most from playing football pools.
When picking outcomes, a player will be attempting to choose, typically from a selection of 49 games in classic pools, whether they think that a football game will result in a draw, for example 1-1, called a Score-Draw or no score draw which is a result of 0-0, for example no team scores a goal.

To win the biggest prizes you need to try and get the largest score, the bigger your score the larger the prize you might win.

A score draw earns you 3 points, this is most ideal score and is going to be a result of say 1-1 or 3-3 which means that both teams scored exactly the same number of goals each.

If the teams score no goals each therefore the end result is 0-0 then the player gets 2 points for this outcome, called a No-Score-Draw. 2 points are also awarded if the match is voided, this can happen if the game didn't play for whatever reason like bad weather conditions. A home or away win scores only a single point, and is what you would receive for any other result not covered above.

So with the goal in mind to get the most number of points, it sounds quite simple, but is does turn out that its quite a difficult job to predict the final results.

Here are a few different ideas to get you started on choosing your first winning draws. Blind chance, some people just use their favourite numbers, each game every week is given a number, ranging from 1 to 49 in a classic pools game, so one might pick birthdays or favourite numbers.

However, even though there is some luck involved, it's important to remind yourself that the results that determine how many points you will receive come from football teams playing football and this means that football clubs have form which can help you choose which teams will win, lose or draw.

To explain a bit more, you can usually pick your games a few days before the draw so by doing a bit of research about the teams involved you can get a jump on the other players who are using a different system - this is where the real skill comes into it.

This means factors such as hurt players, whether the team have won previous games will all calculate into the final result, this is where the skill comes in and also what makes the whole game such a challenge because it is not just about the football pools but enjoying football in general.

Hopefully this brief introduction to football pools should give you a taster of why football pools are such a popular games to play and encourage you to try it out for yourself. ... l#msg11453 ... zIY04oakdU ... 121#p96121 ... a00d9d78f5


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